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Hi!  Hillary Parnell here! I'm the founder of Dance Photo Pro, a dance studio owner, and consummate Do-It-Yourselfer.  After years of being frustrated with the whole process of having photographers come to the studio, I knew I could do it better myself. 

About ten years ago, I started to do as much research as I could, but since the internet barely existed, my success was up to simple trial and error. Over the past decade, I have learned everything I could and tested and tweaked the process so I could to provide my own dancers with amazing dance pictures. The best part is that I also created a totally new, and incredibly profitable, revenue stream for my studio.

Now, I'm sharing these systems with other studio owners so you can do the same! 

 If you are a dance studio owner who already works with a wonderful photographer, then click here for tons of free resources to help make the whole process seamless, fun and as profitable as possible. You can use these tools to make your dancers LOVE picture week! You'll end up with great photos for marketing and, since your photographer will make more money, your kickback will be higher. 

If you are a studio owner who is fed up with spending hours posing your students during picture week, and getting nothing to show for it, then click here. The Complete Studio Owner's Guide to Dance Class Pictures will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to take class pictures in-house, get the shots your parents will love, AND make lots of money! 

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