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9 Tips for Stress-Free Class Pictures

Studio dance pictures should be a fun and lucrative revenue stream for studio owners whether you outsource the photography and get a percentage back or choose to take on the entire project yourself. Whether you have a picture day or a full week, it’s important to remember that happy dancers and parents equal higher sales. 


Here are some tips to make your dance class pictures a fun and positive experience for the parents AND the dancers, follow these simple steps.


1- Communicate as much information with your parents ahead of time as possible. Newsletters, emails, signs in the lobby, and even texts will limit the number of parents who don’t realize it’s even picture week, forget their costume, or didn’t realize they were supposed to have their hair a certain way.


2- It is best to schedule class pictures as close to the normal class time as possible, and never earlier. Attendance for pictures will be higher and therefore, sales will be higher.


3- Costumes/tights/shoes should be passed out well in advance of picture week. This will give dancers an opportunity to try on costumes BEFORE they show up to picture week. If you offer alterations, it is helpful to have your seamstress at picture week to pin and consult on the spot.


4- Depending on the size of your studio, having at least 1 or 2 designated employees available to help with pictures and picture related issues is key. You should also have an employee there to handle all non-picture related questions (like recital questions or registering for class). 


5- Label all changing areas (if applicable) with the dance names and post picture schedules multiple places throughout the building.


6- Line chairs or a piece of tape in the hall, outside of the room where pictures are being taken. Label this area “FOR DANCERS ONLY”. This is the holding area for the next group. Have one employee be in charge of lining dancers, tying tap shoes, and tucking laces into ballet slippers.


7- Inside the room, have a line of tape for the dancers to stand/sit on while they wait. If you can have a posing assistant in the room with you, it’s super helpful, but not necessary. 


8- If the entire group is there, start with the group photo first. That way, they can leave one at a time as you take their individual pictures. This cuts down on the noise, and being silly while they wait. If you are still waiting for some dancers, start with individuals and end with the group. 


9- Work on getting genuine smiles! Be silly, wear a funny hat, pretend to fall over… whatever it takes. Every genuine smile is revenue. Play music if you can, make the kids feel like movie stars. Have fun with them and they will LOVE picture day! 


Happy Picture Day!

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