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This is a game changer!

The Dance Photo Pro Posing Guide is guaranteed to ​

  • Save time 

  • Save energy

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase sales

The Dance Photo Pro Posing Guide has been carefully crafted by analyzing dance picture orders for over a decade. It includes only poses that are flattering on most dancers and shots parents will buy.


It offers dance teachers and studio owners the freedom to enjoy picture week as much as the dancers. You can stop stressing about thinking of poses and use the Posing Guide to do all the thinking for you. Poses are specified for each age and style of dance. Every dancer will have a different pose every year and for every genre.


Using the Dance Photo Pro Posing Guide is guaranteed to save time, reduce stress, and increase picture sales. 



Darby P.

Hillary, that Posing Guide is worth my weight in GOLD!!!!!


It made the students feel in control of their pictures and the parents feel in control of their poses.

Angela M.

The Perfect Posing Guide was so helpful to me this weekend!  I didn't have to think about the poses (which was great during the 12 hour shoot!) I was able to spend all of my energy working with each dancer and making sure they looked great! I would highly recommend getting it. I'm really glad I took the chance and got it!

Marian C.

Picture week was so much easier with the Perfect Posing Guide. I'm so glad we decided to use it at our studio. It definitely saved us time and energy. Thank you Dance Photo Pro!

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